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We have a passion for love, romance and wedding planning.  We at Destination Travel are your one stop Destination Wedding Venue.  We listen to you – find out what is important to you and your guests. We offer you the best advice to get the best destination that fits your needs.  We offer all services you need to make your special event as you always dreamed.

We have two option for Destination Wedding Planning:

We will plan your wedding prior to date and  offer us as onsite wedding planner from the beginning to the completion of your special day at the destination.

And for those wanting personalized services to plan the wedding – we begin with setting the wedding date, handle the  the detailed wedding planning, and  then we will turn you over to the professional on sight wedding coordinator to finish your special event.

We are your one stop Event Planning Company.

Services we offer as part of your package! Free Consultation!

We create a wedding specific email account and  build your own personal wedding website.  We create a contact page directly to use and for all your guests to answer any  questions and provide our contact information.

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