We would be glad to get you all the quotes & help you need book your dream trip. We have implemented a new policy in order to ensure that we are able to assist you with all your wants and needs. We now require a non-refundable deposit before we will research and supply you with the best quotes that fit your desires. – If you book with our agency within 30 days of the quote, this deposit is applied to your booking. You are not out any money if you book with our agency. Why do we do this?? We simply want you to book with us. We work long hours, travel frequently, and do research to get you the best quote possible for your desired trip. We use our expertise to ensure you will have a seamless trip. We are also available to answer questions, change details, communicate with airlines and hotels, etc – something that is not available if you book with an online booking engine. We also do not get paid unless you book with our agency. Unfortunately, we have found that all too often lately, we are giving all of our information and expertise at no charge and the potential customer then goes on the internet to use the information that was given by us and books with an online booking engine. If you find something online, we will price match, as long as the booking is identical. We require a screen shot with the time and date and what you have found in order to attempt to price match. We DO NOT price match Expedia. Many people don’t see that many independent booking sites have hidden costs within the hotels and airlines --- using our services saves you the unexpected and we will be able to explain every detail of what you are getting. Keep your business local and book with our agency! Please continue to complete form to get a quote and at the bottom click to pay your deposit. This money is used towards your trip after you have received your quote. If you don't book within 30 days of the quote or make arrangements with us; we keep this for our time if you do not book with Destination Travel Services
I understand this goes to my deposit once I book. I am only charged this if I don't book my trip with the agency within 30 days. - If I book within 60 days I will receive the credit on my booking.
no dashes or slashes place month and year
My name is typed as appears on credit card. Some circumstances charges may be at 60 days
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