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Thank you for your interest in our travel services and we appreciate the opportunity to help you with your travel needs! 
To provide you with high quality service, we ask that you complete a request for a travel quote. Once completed, we will respond within 48 hours. 
We do require an up-front $150 authorization fee when you request a quote with us.   You may wonder, why do we charge a fee just to provide a quote?
We do this because we want to provide you the necessary time and assistance needed to plan that perfect trip.
Because we have three decades of travel expertise, we are confident that you will find our services will be of immense value to you.
So, when you book a trip with us, the $150 authorization is then voided.
What happens if you decide you are not interested in booking a travel package? The $150 covers the time and resources we used to prepare your quote(s).
If you want helpful resources but do not want to pay the Customer fee, we have convenient links where you can shop for pricing and still directly book with us.

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