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WE can add within 7 days of deposit. We highly recommend insurance. If adding Insurance the additional amount will be charged for this with your deposit.

Purchase Cancel Insurance -Cancel for any reason 80% of nonrefundable money returned -- You are out out all funds once we reach the penalties above. - This must be purchased 7 days of deposit - to be able to waive pre-existing conditions
This also gives you medical protection outside the USA.

The Classic with Cancel Anytime Plan gives you the extra flexibility of knowing you can cancel your trip for almost any unforeseen reason that the Classic plan does not already cover at 100% and receive 80% of your non-refundable trip cost back. It includes benefits like trip cancellation protection, primary emergency medical benefits, 24-hour travel assistance, and more. This plan also has smart benefits that can pay you proactively and simplify the claims process with no receipts required.

Please note: Plan charge includes the cost of insurance benefits and assistance services. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, your plan excludes losses due to that condition unless you qualify for a waiver under the terms of your plan. See Plan and Pricing Details for more information.  This is listed on quote to view – If not sure contact Carol

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