Jamaica – my favorite island

Why is Jamaica my favorite island??

I was always told that I would never like Jamaica.  Never leave the resort, people will steal from you and it is dirty.  I found all those things to be untrue.  My first trip to Jamaica was some 15 years ago for a short getaway and I have continued to return again and again.

Why??  I find the people so warm and friendly –  from the workers at the airport, the resorts, the  drivers, and the local persons walking the beach.  Everyone offers words of comfort while on island and  very helpful if you get lost or have questions.

The other is the wonders of the island — the different locations.  From the Mountains and waterfalls of Ocho Rios to the big city Montego Bay – to the beautiful sunsets of Negril and South Coast.  Each area offering up a variety to please very person.

Time and again I visit and try to see something different and revisit the places that I love.  From Dunn’s River Falls, Mystic Mountain, to Adventure Zipline, Bob Marley Museum or YS Falls.  And don’t forget the Rick’s Cafe cliff divers, the rum Factory, and the Black River.

Travel with me and share any adventures you have explored in Jamaica


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