SINGLES TRAVEL – women and men – it is out there

How many people live alone?? 110 million people live alone. Most of these loved to travel but now going by themselves is not what they want – or feel unsafe or maybe find traveling along boring!
There is now an opportunity to travel with other singles.
This is not a hook up or dating match up trip. This is a way to travel like you did when you used to have a companion or friends to travel with. It is also a way to meet new friends that have like travel needs. It seems cost effective not overly priced or over the top.
There are specific events included – such as tours – events hosted for group at resort and other mingle opportunities.
I know many people are wondering if this is for them – me included.
The room rates are single rates – or you can ask them to match you up with someone your age and preferences – a good way to meet a new traveling buddy.

I too seemed skeptical.
What are your thoughts on this subject?
After some research I found that some are looking for love – others are just wanting to travel and not eat dinners alone – they love the world of travel and this is the way to see it.
There are cruises with themes based around holidays when being alone is tough. To warm weather beach destination for 4 or 7 nights. I even have seen some adventure tours for those that like to live on the edge!

I have several of these opportunities whether it be by land or sea – contact me if I have piqued your interest.
There may be a man vacation out there that you can’t resist.

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