We have been in business since 1992. We are a local small business and have a small group of workers.
Why Use us?

With the latest Covid issue in the USA – this would be a really good reason to work with an agent.  We have contacts that you don’t.  When this happened many online businesses closed website – left voice mails they were closed and Good luck you are on your own.  

That does not happen with us — during this whole deal – we have been getting refunds for our clients – changing dates and moving weddings and helping each of our guests without them having to wait 5 hours or more on hold. – We can get an answer to them as quickly as possible and their time is their time.  That is why you book with an agent.


Most of our guests – were issued full refunds or vouchers – no issues at all

Customer Service We offer online access

Email - Text - and instant message services

We respond to all messages within 24 - 48 hours.

We PLAN your trip like it is our trip.

WE are knowledgeable for what travel insurance you should use -what airline has what policies- what each country had for entry requirements - how to get visas - how to get passports

We are a one shop agency!

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